I was elated to find relief with Bucks Balm.

"As someone who has struggled with anxiety for most of my life, I was elated to find relief with Bucks Balm.

Anxiety often causes not only emotional distress for me and hinders my productivity, but results in physical pain from holding tension in my neck, shoulders, upper back, and jaw muscles.

Bucks Balm provides a gentle sense of ease and release of tension and pain, allowing me to focus more efficiently in my work."

- Madison Young- author of Daddy: A Memoir and The DIY Porn Handbook: Documenting Our Own Sexual Revolution

Wow! Thank you!!!

No joke. When I got the Buck's balm today, I had acute pain in the meniscus area of my left knee. It was so nagging I was thinking of going to get acupuncture on it today. Instead, I applied Buck's Balm and about 3 hours later, I had no acute pain. None. I waited a bit to see if the pain would return and it DID NOT. Unbelievable!!!

Gonna test it out tomorrow too and I'll get back.

Wow! Thank you!!!


Digging the Buck's Balm

Hi Buck, Digging the balm I use it on my hands after work and after working out, also sometimes at night before bed on my temples, great stuff! 😃

7 Day Buck Balm challenge

Just wanted to give you my report on my 7 Day Buck Balm challenge for my feet.

I used it on the tops as well as the bottoms of my feet. By day 3 I could feel a differance in the morning. The stabbing pain was gone by day 4. Main thing I noticed was that the balm helped with the end of day swelling in my feet which helped make my night and morning foot stretches feel more productive. I still feel tightness in the faciitis tendon, but the stabbing pain is gone.

Thank you so much for the balm!!!
-JC Colombus Ohio

Buck's Balm CBD 100mg

I am a former paramedic that suffered mental and physical injury as a result of the nature of the work. I knew what I was getting into and if I were in better physical health now I would still be on the streets helping the community, but I am healing. I am now a Licensed Massage Therapist recently graduating and building my own business. 5 months ago I began transitioning with hormones and I have noticed that my muscles and joints will ache regularly. I have chronic pain secondary to injuries sustained during a routine call several years ago. I have used CBD products before and Buck's Balm is seriously fantastic. It smells delicious, the packaging is convenient and beautifully designed, and within a few minutes of application to my sore joints, muscles, ligaments, nasal passages. I have been using for one week and I find it exceptionally relieving in small quantities. The case is packed with this butter and I usually will heat with a lighter for a few seconds to create a more malleable application consistency. I slather that delicious stuff all over and hit the pillow and when I awaken the next morning, I feel refreshed and ready to punch life in the face with my superhuman strength. It is true magic in a world that has forgotten that magic exists. I am very satisfied with this product and hope for many variations in the future.
- Rocky Lane

Let me know how it works for YOU! Love Buck